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Companies always have the option of becoming an invoice customer. Fast and smooth process.

Travel with work.

Is someone in the office going on a business trip and needs a travel certificate or do you have important guests from abroad for whom you want to create added value? We come to your office and perform the tests on site. We provide certificates smoothly and easily for your guests and employees.


Experienced employees.

With the help of our experienced employees, we ensure a test station within your company's surfaces where you can safely have all tests performed. We bring all the equipment and skills required for and perform complete tests with you. We have experience of working with a customer and are careful not to interfere with the daily work in your organization.

With our help, we make sure that your company does not have any ongoing cases of Covid-19.

Reliable test.

We only use accredited PCR laboratories. Our antigen tests come from British and reputable SureScreen.

Antigen testing is a proven test method that we can recommend to most workplaces. This is partly because you get answers directly on the spot, but also because it is a cost-effective test method.

Events and Fairs.

The PCR car ensures Covid-19 safe events, trade fairs and conferences for companies throughout the country. With our complete solutions, we meet the needs that exist during the current pandemic.

With our help, you can start long-awaited Kick-offs, conferences and other events.

We have several working methods and can easily adapt to your company's structure. You get a smooth and professional service. Contact us and we will tell you more about how we work

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