PCRbilen.se - ditt reseintyg

Book the right time.

Be sure to calculate for yourself when you will take your PCR home test so that it will be valid upon entry.

Find out what exactly applies to your destination on Sweden abroad, the travel company's or airline's website.

Have your passport ready.

You must have your passport ready when we arrive. Otherwise we can not perform the test and you risk missing your flight.

Do you experience symptoms?

If you experience symptoms, seek medical attention in the first instance. You need to be symptom-free for 14 days for us to be able to perform tests.

Mobile unit.

Since we are mobile devices, all our times are about times. We strive to always be on site at the appointed time and we always contact our customers before our visit. But we can not guarantee exact times.

Children under 18 years?

Persons under the age of 18 must always have a guardian present at the time of the test.

Quick answers.

Our travel certificates always arrive within 12-24 hours. We work with B-Sure and are based on their lead times.


Make sure you're symptom-free for 14 days. Then book an appointment and confirm it. Make sure to enter the correct information so that we can ensure that the travel certificate is correct.


We'll come to your house. Perform a secure pcr or antigen test and charge. We call before we arrive. Make sure you have your passport ready.


Await answers to your PCR test. We will send you a digital travel certificate reviewed and signed by a doctor. Usually within 12-24 hours.

Important to think about before testing.

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